Welcome Startup Weekend Bohol Alumni

We're co-organizing another Startup Weekend Bohol this year and we're excited to welcome participants from last year in this newsletter! We know that many of our Startup Weekend alumni graduate to become active contributors to the local community and we're sincerely grateful for it. With the next event happening this August 23 to 25, 2024 we're looking forward to seeing you rock the stage once more! 🤘

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Upcoming Events

SWBohol '24 Pre-Event: Figma for Prototyping

Saturday, July 13, 2PM: In preparation for Startup Weekend, we are collaborating with LVL99 Studios to do a prototyping workshop for creatives wanting to dive into the UI/UX space and to equip them to assist their team by creating functional and usable interfaces for their technology solutions. This is a FREE event. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more updates.

Startup Weekend Bohol 2024 Early Bird Discounts are available until July 15!

Introdction to Typescript and ReactJS

Saturday, July 27, 2PM: This workshop aims to introduce the basics of Typescript to participants and to show how this technology works together with ReactJS in creating beautiful, scalable, and flexible applications. This is a FREE event and BEGINNER-FRIENDLY. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more updates.

Our speaker is also a Startup Weekend participant this year!

Regional Opportunities