Of Loops and Hills

Recent events have reminded me of this satirical animation created by Friendly Foes, a Filipino animation studio and one of the speakers at Graphika Manila 2024, that pokes fun at the way our country is marketed for tourism despite its prevailing internal issues. As members of the digital economy, we are reminded of the impact of our (virtual) voices and how it can magnify or dampen specific causes depending on how we choose to wield it.

On a lighter note, we are honored to have been able to partner with fellow NGO, Step Up Consulting, on our Web Scraping event which allowed their team to better understand their Data Engineering counterparts and to be introduced themselves to the concept of extracting, managing, and parsing data from the web. Truly grateful for collaborative partners!

Read on to see what else is fertilizing.

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Let There Be Light

LIVRES is an engineering services provider with expertise in solar energy. They take pride in their ability to set up an efficient solar energy system for both residential and commercial properties, and by having the best post-installation customer service. Last September 2023, one of their residential customers reported a negative electric bill due to the installed rooftop solar energy system. They are also members of the current cohort of the Balik Sa Bohol TBI.

Let them help you capture the sun.