New Year, New-sletter!

Aaaand we're back! We hope you had a restful December because we sure as hell know you deserve it!

2024 Planning, Here we go! The year for us kicked off with a planning session with Sprout Up Bohol volunteers so we can get an idea of the lineup of topics our community cares about. We got a few serious ones like artificial intelligence and crypto trading, but also some funny out of scope topics but were welcome at the meetup anyway such as how to make good coffee and, you guessed it, dieting. What are you looking to learn this year?

Read on to see what's fertilizing.

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Upcoming Events

Digital Marketing in the Age of AI

Saturday, Feb 24, 2PM to 4PM: Stay tuned for the official announcement of this event on our Facebook page, but announcing it here first that we will be having an event specifically about how to use artificial intelligence in generating content and how to marry its strengths with tried and tested digital marketing techniques to optimize for engagement and impressions!

Our guest speaker is the founder and prorprietor of Krewshall.

Regional Opportunities


Hydroponically grown lettuce in Bohol

Sproutlabs is a technology-driven vegetable production company based in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. In their current phase of development, they are focused on mastering the hydroponics system to ensure regular and quality crops for their customers. They are starting with a variety of lettuce products selling it at 40 pesos/lettuce head.

Simultaneously, they are gearing up for the next phase which involves utilizing systems that are powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technology such as tools that helps them automatically measure and dispense the necessary nutrients for each crop and ensure that for any unused solution, it is efficiently collected and reapplied. The company is founded and operated by Mic Pitao and Dawn Gatal.

Get your green on by checking out their Facebook page!